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Rates babywearing consultation

Here you'll find the rates for Dapper Dragen babywearing consultations. Read here what a babywearing consultation is.


Standard rate: €45 per hour, regardless of whether you come alone or with the two of you.

On Sundays and evenings after 21:00: €55.

Based on the standard rate a babywearing consultation is possible starting at €29,50 (for a refresher session or for learning how to wear in a buckle carry). A single or duo consultation starts at €58,50.


The consultation will be held at the company address in Vught (W.J. van Ghentstraat 6). This is the most practical, because here I'll be able to demonstrate many types of wraps and carriers and other accessories. Alternatively it's possible to do a consultation in your home (see below).

Consultation at home

If needed I can hold the consutation at a different location. In that case I'll charge a €20 call-out fee within the municipality of Vught/Cromvoirt and €30 for other municipalities. The maximum distance I can travel is 30 km.

This call-out fee will be charged on top of the hourly rate as described above.

Remote consultation

It can be the case that you live so far away that a regular babywearing consultation isn't practical. In such a case I can do a remote consultation. Skype has my preference, so that we'll at least be able to see each other. The hourly rate in this case is €30.

How long does a consultation take?

That depends. I kindly invite you to take your baby with you, so you can practice with him/her immediately. In practice this means that we'll be at bit less efficient: care for your baby obiously has priority. But no worries: we'll take our time for (breast)feeding and such, without counting it towards the worked hours I charge for.

Furthermore the duration of a consultation depends on your own prior knowledge. If it's your first time you can count with one hour to an hour and a half if you come alone, and an hour and a half up to two hours if you bring your partner. It also depends on how much you would like to learn. In any case I recommend against doing too much at once; it's better to have two shorter sessions than one long one (we'll also have to take the patience of your baby into account). We'll discuss beforehand how we can best approach the consultation.

If you only want to learn how to use a buckle carry, then we can be done in half an hour.

Refresher session (during which you want to practice a specific wrapping technique, or learn a new one) usually don't last much longer than half an hour either.


Afterward you'll get an invoice, which you can pay in cash or by bank transfer.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment please WhatsApp or call +31 6 26679726. You can also send an e-mail:

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