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Baby wraps, carriers and accessories at Dapper Dragen

Lenny Lamb

Our products

Purchasing a suitable wrap can be quite a challenge. Dapper Dragen can asssist you, by means of a babywearing consultation, en by offering the possibility to immediately purchase the most suitable wrap or carrier directly through us. This way, you'll go home after a consultation, both with the knowledge and the corresponding carrier, to be able to start wearing your baby right away. We've noticed that parents value this greatly, in that hectic time when a baby is born.

At Dapper Dragen it's possible to try out all standard types of wraps, carriers and accessories. We personally work together with carefully selected brands, in which we take special care that production happens in a durable and responsible fashion, and that prices are affordable.

What makes our products unique?

Unique designs

Wraps, carriers and accessories don't need to be merely functional, but can be pretty as well! Thanks to the wide variety of available designs it's not difficult to find a carrier that suits your style.

100% Produced in Europe

The products that we sell (at this moment by brands Liliputi and Lenny Lamb) are fully designed and produced in Europe. Liliputi is produced in Hungary and Lenny Lamb in Poland.

Lenny Lamb

Single origin

All products are made in one central location, eliminating additional transportation costs. Moreover this creates good working conditions and fair pay for the employees.

Family companies

The small family companies with which we cooperate started producing babywearing products out of their passion for babywearing (of their own children!) and their fascination for textile design. This is immediately reflected in their products.

Biological cotton

Liliputi's products are certified Organic Cotton/Oeko-tex.

A price category for every individual

Our main goal is to make babywearing available to everybody. That's why we offer basic cotton wraps of excellent quality that start at around €40. Are you prepared to spend slightly more, then you'll find a wide variety of designs and fabrics (wool, silk, linen, bamboo, etc.). With the right material and a unique design, babywearing becomes a luxury and, if it suits you, a statement.

Lenny Lamb

Types of wraps, carriers and accessories

Dapper Dragen sells the following products:

  • Stretchy wraps
  • Ring slings
  • Woven wraps (of various fabrics and weights)
  • Mei-tais and variations thereof
  • Ergonomic carriers ("buckle carriers")
  • Onbuhimos
  • Carriers for dolls so that small children can "baby wear" as well
  • Matching bags and other accessories (special babywearing coats and sweaters, etc.)

How do you purchase via Dapper Dragen?

We're not a store and we try to keep our inventory limited. We do have a number of carriers from every category to try out.

In some cases we have the desired item in stock, but since our suppliers' product range is so large, chances are that the carrier of your choosing will have to be ordered. Dapper Dragen handles the ordering process, which usually takes one or two weeks. But no worries: often it's possible to borrow a wrap while you're waiting for your order. We don't want you to postpone wearing your baby, and this is how you can immediately start practicing once you get home. When your order arrives you simply return the borrowed wrap.

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