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Parenting consultations


Our parenting consultant offers tailor-made consultations on parenting, attachment with your child, sleeping and babywearing.

Here at Dapper Dragen we deal with parenting in the broadest sense of the word. For example, we regularly get the following questions:

  • How does my life change after giving birth?
  • What can I expect from a newborn?
  • Why does my baby cry? Should we let her cry?
  • How can I build a bond with my baby and how do I create safe attachment?
  • When should my child be able to sleep by himself?
  • Should I breastfeed? Why is this important?
  • Does breastfeeding suit me anyway?
  • My family consists of differenct nationalities/cultures and we differ in opinion on raising our child. How can I deal with this?
  • Will I have any time to myself after the birth of our baby?
  • How much does it cost to have a baby?
  • I haven't had a normal night's sleep in weeks! Now what?!

Specific cases

The questions above are extensively discussed during our Goede Start baby workshops, but it might be the case that you would like to have more specific information about your own situation. For this purpose we offer tailor-made consultations. During a parenting consultation we will answer your specific questions on parenting. These questions might be about parenting itself, sleep patterns, work-life balance, attachment, but also about communication within the family. If something is not quite optimal, but you're not yet able to pinpoint it, then we'll look for the root problem together. From there we'll find solutions.

What we don't do

Our parenting consultant is not a psychologist or doctor, but does have a lot of experience. We offer a compass of sorts: a way to find your own way in being a parent. We won't give you rules by which you should parent. If necessary, our parenting consultant can refer you to other professionals.

What can you expect from a parenting consultation?

A consultation is always customized to your situation and we'll discuss beforehand on which things you would like to focus. You can come alone, with your partner or other family members.

See rates for more information.

For more information you're free to WhatsApp or call +31 6 26679726. You can also send an e-mail:

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