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Goede Start baby workshops

Goede Start baby workshops are meant to inform parents (to be) as well as possible about parenting in the broadest sense of the word.

Why these workshops?

Goede Start baby workshops offer the following:

  • You'll learn what life is like with a baby; not only from the perspective of you as a parent, but also from the baby's perspective.
  • The workshops are based on facts instead of opinions or tradition.
  • You'll be encouraged to trust your parental instincts. You'll notice that many things our society finds "normal" don't match these instincts at all.
  • The workshops offer a parental philosophy. This is more than recommending or advising against concrete behavior. This will give you a compass that will help you with parenting for your entire life, also as your babies grow up to be toddlers and later young adults.

In the workshops various aspects of caring for newborns and small children will be discussed. We advise the participants about practices that are best for parent and child, and that are supported by science. We will also indicate which popular practices might best be avoided.

Our goal: happy, healthy families through self-confident and well-informed parents!

The workshops have been developed in collaboration with an IBCLC lactation specialist.

What can you expect from the workshop?

A human approach

The family is the foundation, even though the workshops are based on theory. For that reason we want to tell a story that is primarily about people.

Up-to-date information

The workshops make use of the most recent scientific insights into caring for newborns, and compares today's parenting style to the style in former times.

Visual, easy to follow explanation

The style of the workshop is lightweight and includes lots of visuals so that the message is made concrete and becomes easy to grasp. We make use of many practical examples.

Parenting approached from a broad perspective

The workshop not only focuses on caring for your child, but also examines the family situation from a biological en social perspective. We combine information from various disciplines such as midwifery, psychology, anthropology and physical education.

Workshop contents

Goede Start is a workshop in three parts that fully prepares you for parenting and care for your baby. Every part takes 1,5 to 2 hours (including time for questions). The parts are:

1. Crying, instinct and attachment

Why do babies cry? How quickly do you respond? What is instinctive parenting? How do you build attachment with your baby?

2. Breastfeeding

What is the best nutrition for your baby? What does breastfeeding mean in practice? Are there alternatives? How do you breastfeed? Is this going to change your lives?

3. Sleeping rhythm and babywearing

What is the best place for your baby to sleep? When will she start sleeping through the night? How will you get enough sleep as a parent?

But also: how does your baby develop physically? How can you wear your baby ergonomically, in a carries or wrap? What are the benefits compared to a stroller?

See rates for more information.

Make sure to check the schedule for the dates of upcoming workshops.

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