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Melinda Mészáros

Everyone deserves a joyful and wholesome parenting experience. However, raising children, and especially caring for newborns, is perhaps the most turbulent part of life, full of questions and problems to solve. So, while we are ecstatic we often need support.

We humans were made to face these intense periods and its challenges together. None of us should feel unsupported! Still, an increasing number of us has to face parenting alone or together with their partner only. It is pretty difficult to gather all the info one needs to remain well-informed, and to stay calm and confident, when only having each other to rely on. I believe that information on how things work in the perinatal period (before birth and in the following 2 to 3 years) from a trustworthy source is vital. This is what Dapper Dragen (literally: “Carrying Bravely”) is all about.

My name is Melinda Meszaros, and I am a perinatal expert, as well as teacher & coach in intercultural management and international business. I created Dapper Dragen to share the vital information that so many parents desperately need. This page is for all of you who want to learn about secure attachment, breastfeeding, babywearing and the perinatal period in general. Additionally (having a background in marketing), I highlight how certain products and solutions are positioned by mass marketing to appeal to new parents, whereas from a human or medical point of view they might not make much sense.

I started Dapper Dragen in 2016 as a perinatal expert, teaching babywearing attachment psychology in the Netherlands. The project grew and I ended up coaching parents and teaching professionals, and started building communities across Europe and the US. In 2020 I stopped working on Dapper Dragen actively, turning my attention to cultural competency beyond the perinatal period. On this website I offer a collection of information and motivational stories that I gathered over the years.

I’m always on the lookout for individuals and organizations who want to learn more about my topics. If my work inspires or intrigues you and are interested in working with me please reach out:

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