Child raising is ‘easy’ – Possible truth or painful delusion?

Child raising is easy’ said a wise mum. Continuing her thoughts she explained: ‘You just need to set the example.’ If it is so simple, then why do we have (what we feel are) naughty kids and better yet, parents who feel like going crazy because parenting in action weighs upon them so heavily that it kinds of sucks the life out of them? So let’s have a look where the trouble starts with the wise mum’s theory in practice and why these parents feel so lost.

Never ending night

So, if we are here in this situation anyway, I take my time to enjoy. I know that tomorrow I will be a zombie but I also know that a good twenty years from now when I am alone in my bed and I don’t have to wake up to breastfeed or cuddle or to scare the nightmares away, I will miss this so much. So I take it all in now.


The combination of a 3.5 year old and a 8 months old, with these skills, has definitely meant that my parenting skills had to be turned up a notch…

If it feels like a fight, perhaps it is a fight…

Capturing moments when we are  not our most charming self os not a usual thing to do. We want to be seen especially in moments when we feel on top of our game. What about the moments though when we feel utterly useles or very very tired? How about the bit in our life when we are lost, desperately trying to go on but, at that moment we just don’t succeed?

Greek Fun – Mummy and the Boys vs. the big city (Part 2)

Come with me to the place where my teenage years begin and take a look at what a Greek dance house in Budapest looks like. In this little slice of our life, you will read about teenage insecurity, the wonderful effects of physical movement and other important factors of young adulthood. It really is going to be jam packed and perhaps unexpected ride. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Back again in the sunshine – Mummy and the Boys vs. the big city (Part 1)

After the success of documenting my city trip to Budapest with the boys in February, we are back with a brand new adventure! The lovely, sunny city welcomed my sons and I once again and we are here to love, discover, work and enjoy the culture. Be part of our adventure and discover loads of possibilities what to do in a big city with your children and how to notice all those little things that surround you to bring something new and happy to your life.

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