Loneliness and the joy of responsibility – What does parenting mean to you?

Let’s talk relationships and what it is to be responsible for someone. What does it mean to be a parent and how do you imagine your connection will be like with your children a decade from now? Our idea on how we relate to others and our responsibilities pretty much comes from our parents. Therefore it is well worth the effort to think about what kind of parents we are and how our responsibilities give structure and set priorities in our lives. could loneliness mean a lack of joy that we could gain through our responsibilities?

Our children online – Post or not to post, this is the question

Since I am one of those who regularly post pictures about my children, I decided to tackle this topic. The incentive is that the online foot print, that I create for my children, should be such that it, respects their integrity and they should be never ashamed of it. In terms of practice, I keep to the following guidelines…

Child raising is ‘easy’ – Possible truth or painful delusion?

Child raising is easy’ said a wise mum. Continuing her thoughts she explained: ‘You just need to set the example.’ If it is so simple, then why do we have (what we feel are) naughty kids and better yet, parents who feel like going crazy because parenting in action weighs upon them so heavily that it kinds of sucks the life out of them? So let’s have a look where the trouble starts with the wise mum’s theory in practice and why these parents feel so lost.

Never ending night

So, if we are here in this situation anyway, I take my time to enjoy. I know that tomorrow I will be a zombie but I also know that a good twenty years from now when I am alone in my bed and I don’t have to wake up to breastfeed or cuddle or to scare the nightmares away, I will miss this so much. So I take it all in now.


The combination of a 3.5 year old and a 8 months old, with these skills, has definitely meant that my parenting skills had to be turned up a notch…

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